The Meeting House and Skyspace at Live Oak Friends Meeting was completed in 2001. Artist/designer James Turrell worked in collaboration with Houston architect Leslie K. Elkins to realize the contemplative space.

Our Meeting House incorporates two James Turrell installations. The first, called “Meeting House 2000,” and later re-named, “One Accord,”  is a “skyspace” open to the sky during clear weather. The second installation, called “Night Piece,”uses neon lights to simulate the evening sky. See the Schedule page on this website for opening and closing times.

The answer to our most frequently asked question is: YES. It really is all the way open to the sky. There is no protective covering or barrier of any kind over the opening. That is why we can’t open the roof when it rains!

While admission to the Skyspace is always free, we depend upon donations from our visitors and F/friends for upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. A simple donation box is placed near the entry by the guestbook.  Thank you for your generous support!

Links of interest:

Houston Chronicle, 7/29/2010: Illuminating the spirit in Quaker Meeting Space.

Transcript: Interview with artist James Turrell on art21.

Video: James Turrell gives a tour of his Houston installations. Produced by Houston Public Media (PBS).

For more information about the Quakers and Live Oak Friends Meeting, visit our website.

For more information about James Turrell and his work, visit the artist’s website, jamesturrell.com

Header Image by Florian Holzherr.